2019’s biggest jewellery trend – The Right Hand Ring

There’s no reason to wait for your significant other to gift you that engagement ring. Do it yourself. You work hard, earn well and you’re independent enough for some timely self-indulgence. Don’t think before buying that diamond ring that you’ve been wanting for so long. Diamond rings are precious to every woman and it’s time you flaunt it. As De Beer perfectly puts it – “Your left hand lives for love, Your right hand lives for the moment.”

Right-hand rings are ideal not just for single or divorced women; they make for the ultimate adornments for married women too.

All you independent women out there raise your hand if you need a bit of self-care! There are many brands that has the most amazing options for you to revel in the beauty of adorning timeless diamond rings to cocktail rings or even the classic gold rings.

It’s time to celebrate the joy of self- indulgence for every working woman out there. Take a look at the collection of diamond rings, cocktail rings and gold rings we have in store for you. Then go mad choosing from the choicest of rings for women you can get your hands on.

Gold rings for women:

This eternity beads gold ring would look flawless to flaunt on your right hand! It’s simple, elegant and totally works for your everyday wear. It’s on a 15% off and priced at an irresistible Rs 15,543 where you save a good amount of almost Rs 3000

Diamond rings:

You may find many elaborate diamond rings and real pretty ones too. But this one with ‘Faith’ written on it totally takes the cake! It’s perfect to flaunt in your right hand. It’s subtle and yet empowering to any woman. This diamond ring is totally different from all the collections you may have seen till now.

Cocktail rings:

Imagine stunning everyone wearing this unique cocktail ring as a mark of your independence! Single, divorced or married; this one’s for all the ladies who believe that there’s life beyond small failures and this Green Windmill Diamond Cocktail ring is set in 14kt white gold and is at a neat 20% off! Hurry before you lose the offer!

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