Add Rangoli To Your Life

The last quarter of the year has just begun. It is time to put your best foot forward as it is the last leg of the year. It is time to bid adieu to the year filled with joys and make the most of these last few months.

The festive season has just started with Navratri and will soon be followed by an array of festivals. It is a given that you need to put your house as well as yourself together and look presentable. The decorations for the festivities play a vital role to add the necessary dash of shimmer.

Rangoli is one such part of the traditional decoration that attracts positivity and strong good-will and vibes home. It is time to upgrade your style statement as you get into the adrenaline pumped festive mood.

Here are a few exclusive rangoli collections to attract positive vibes and energy for you to prosper in your life as you don it or gift it to others.

Gemstone earrings

These diamond & rose gold earrings are elegant and would add a spark of richness to your entire outfit. This latest gold earrings pair needs to be in your jewelry closet to wear it and pair it with any outfit of your choice.

Gemstone pendant

This ruby gemstone pendant is unique and looks enchanting when worn with a chiffon saree to let your jewelry do the talking as you go on to take the charge to beautify your house. The pendant looks graceful when paired with a white gold chain.

Gold Gemstone pendant

Rubies and yellow gold form the best combination of jewelry. This gold gemstone pendant is one of kind ort of the gold pendant for women as it has the delicate dangling rubies and diamonds to it. The intricate design adds a sense of glamour and ethnic vibe to it.

I hope that this festive season brings a lot of joys and the rangoli collection adds more definition to your life.

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